About Chapel's Country Creamery

 The Farm

Chapel’s Country Creamery is an independent, family-owned and operated farm nestled on 45 acres just outside of Easton, Maryland. Our award-winning farmstead cheeses   begin with fresh raw milk from our herd of registered Jersey and Holstein cows. Using time-tested methods, we then turn that cream-laden milk into handcrafted artisanal cheeses, full of flavor and wholesome goodness. We invite you to taste the difference!

The Creamery

The Farmers

Chapel’s Country Creamery produces artisanal farmstead cheeses. This means that batches are kept small and each cheese is handcrafted using milk that comes directly from the farm’s cows.

Some of the cheeses—specifically the Camembert-style Rainey’s Dream and the Bay Blue—are made onsite from start to finish. The beer-washed Amber 16 is finished onsite, as well. Other cheeses, like the Chapel Cheddar, are made from Chapel’s Country Creamery milk by an experienced Amish cheesemaker in Pennsylvania.

As fans of self-sustaining small farms and the local food movement, Trisha and Jarred hope to one day consolidate all cheese production at the farm. Until then, however, Chapel’s Country Creamery customers can rest assured that their cheeses, regardless of provenance, are healthy, delicious, and made with the utmost integrity.

Trisha and Jarred Boyce are the owners of Chapel’s Country Creamery. The couple bought the farm in February 2017, intent on continuing the rich farming tradition practiced by their own ancestors. Trisha’s family has been raising dairy cows in southern Pennsylvania for three generations, and Jarred, also from southern Pennsylvania, has been working on dairy farms since he was 15 years old. Together, they bring a wealth of experience with them and a deep appreciation for the land, livestock, and livelihood of family farming. They plan to instill these values in the latest addition to their family—their baby son, Trace Eugene Boyce!

Trisha and Jarred foresee a long future for Chapel’s Country Creamery, full of both rich cheeses and traditions.

The Herd

At Chapel’s Country Creamery, the cows are family. Each cow is registered and has a birth certificate, bloodline information, and, most importantly, a name. (A 2013 study showed that cows that were named produced more milk.) In order to keep the mothers and babies healthy, the cows are fed primarily corn, hay, and minerals, but the herd’s diet is augmented with time spent grazing on timothy and rye grass as well.

The cows are not given any synthetic growth or production-enhancing hormones, just lots of love and attention.

“We like cows too much to ever feel
like we’re losing focus on them,”

Trisha says, which is why they keep the herd at less than 70 head. As a result, the cows produce rich, creamy, high-quality milk that is then handcrafted into exceptional cheeses!
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