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Chapel's Country Creamery 10380 Chapel Road
Easton, Maryland
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Buy our Cheeses OnlineChapel’s Country Creamery is Maryland's first producers of Raw Milk Cheese. Chapel cheese and yogurts start with fresh raw milk produced on our family's Grade A dairy farm in Maryland.

Our dairy herd of 60+ Jersey Cows graze on clover and rye grass, producing our high quality milk, rich in cream. The milk is all natural and contains no synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or chemical compounds.

We start with our fresh, non-pasteurized raw milk, produced on our Maryland dairy farm, and turn that milk into cheese and yogurt. From start to finish, we handcraft our Chapel's Country Creamery Artisinal Cheeses and yogurts, ensuring the highest quality and consistency possible.

We are fortunate enough to make cheese not only at our farm, but ship our milk to an Amish artisinal cheese maker in Lancaster, PA. At both places our cheese is handcrafted with our recipes using only vegetable rennet and all natural ingredients.

The Chapels Country Creamery FamilyOur cheeses are available at many grocery stores, farmer's markets, wineries and vineyards in the Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Washington DC area. Additionally, we are proud to supply our cheeses and yogurts to a wide variety of fine dining restaurants throughout the area.

Our farm is located on 112 acres in the countryside of Talbot County, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and is home to our family, Eric & Holly Foster, our four children, 60 Jersey cows, chickens, goats, ducks, pigs, dogs, cats, and more critters.

We are recipients of the Talbot County Soil Conservation Award for "Environmental Friendly Operation for Soil, Air, and Water Quality Concerns", the "Outstanding Quality Milk Award" through Dairy One in 2012, the "Talbot County Business Excellence Award" for 2013, and the American Cheese Society 3rd place winner for our "Cordova White - Marinated Feta" Cheese for 2012.

Our Mascot Rainey

Oh, by the way the cow pictured is Rainey. Our beloved mascot and seventh member of the family. Rainey was the start and inspiration for our family going into the dairy and cheese business. She has been one of the most loved pets we have ever owned. Naturally that is why we used her for our cheese labels. Another inspiration for our dream was to provide a future for our kids. In today's fast paced world, there is nothing like a family owned farm.

Cheese and yogurt lovers can find our all natural dairy products in many of the area's fine restaurants, food retailers and farmer's markets on Delmarva. Also visit our farm page if you think you might be interested in becoming an intern and learning about making cheese, cow care and more.
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